Reservation Information

General Reservation Policy

A quick overview of when reservations are or are not needed,  how to make reservations, who to contact when making a reservation that includes a hotel room and other key details.

  • Party Only or Hotel Room & Party Reservations are available for all club events and may be made by members online by clicking on the party graphic for the event you wish to book after logging in as members.
  • Reservations for hotel based events are not required by couples and single ladies unless a hotel room is desired in conjunction with the party. Party only reservations may be made by couples who wish to speed up event check in using our online booking option …just follow the Party Graphic link for the event you wish to book and click on the appropriate “Book” Button.
  • Single Gentlemen who wish to attend an event open to single gentlemen are recommended to make a reservation to guarantee their entry unless attending with a member couple. Please contact the club via email to obtain approval to attend any club event before making a reservation.
  • Anyone desiring a hotel room in conjunction with an event is recommended to make a reservation as hotel rooms may not be available at the event. Please check with Club Registration at any club event for last minute assistance in obtaining a hotel room.
  • You will automatically receive any discounted Room Rate provided to Carolina Friends and our members when your reservation is arranged using our online reservation system provided you use your discount code.
  • Hotel Rooms are not available in the host hotel for Hotel Takeovers or in the private portion of our Partial Hotel Takeovers unless arranged through the club (online reservations) or Club Registration at our events.
  • All amounts shown on the Event Pricing Pages include the discount given for cash payments. Please add  3% if paying by credit or debit card. Card amounts will be rounded to nearest whole dollar.
  • All amounts shown on the Event Pricing Pages include local room and sales taxes which currently range from 11% to 16.25% depending on the municipality.
  • Contact the club via email or call the Club Reservation Help Line for help in confirming or cancelling any reservation made online.

We ask that everyone make their own reservations as there is less confusion that way.  And you must be on the Club Membership Roster to make a reservation in any case… so if your friends are new to the club, they will have to submit their Club Membership Roster information to us prior to making reservations on their own. Sign up free today and make your reservations now. Also, please note that the reservation software we use does not allow us to book multiple rooms for a member couple.

The easiest way to make reservations is to use our online reservation service. Just log in using your own personal username and password, click on the Party Graphic for the event you wish to book and choose the Booking Button for the reservation option you desire.

You may also email us for help with any club reservation and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

How to Make A Reservation Online

  • Locate your Club Membership Number (found at the bottom of all general membership emails we send you each week). You may use 99999 if you cannot locate your membership number. However, your names must match our records and check in at the event will be slower.
  • Log in as a member.   Sign up free today and make your reservations now. You may not log in using the generic log in. Please email us for your personal log in information or create a new log in. Your existing club membership will not be affected.
  • Click on the Party Graphic located at the bottom of our Home Web Page that you are interested in attended.
  • Click on the Book Button located just under the party graphic located at the top of the Event Page.
  • Print your event ticket and bring it to the party. You may also display it on your smart phone provided the event name, event date, your name and your club membership number are view-able.

As noted above, you will need your membership log in information (username and password required) and club membership number (preferred) to book an online reservation.

Cancellation Policy

  • Some events may have special cancellation rules and/or conditions; please obtain the latest cancellation information when your reservation is made. Special cancellation policy information is generally available on that event’s party page as well.
  • You must cancel any type of reservation when you won’t be attending; always cancel as early as possible.
  • You will be charged a cancellation fee for any reservation for a hotel based event that is cancelled during the last 21 days before the event. See each event’s party page for the amount of that fee.
  • No cancellations will be permitted the week of the event.
    Cancellations within 10 days of the event date will be charged a $10
    Cancellations within 20 days of the event date will be charged a $5 cancellation fee.

Credit Card Billing

When paying by credit or debit card, please add  3% to the amount shown on the Event Contribution Page as all amounts shown include the discount for paying cash. Card amounts will be rounded to nearest whole dollar.

Hotel Check In / Out Times

Hotel check in time is officially 3 PM, early check in will be permitted if a clean room is available. Every effort will be made to accommodate early check ins. Check out time is 11 AM. Late check out is usually available, please inquire when making your reservation.