Membership Agreement

Real Names and Identification are required.

Please review this agreement before joining Carolina Friends.

If it is found that a member is presenting themselves as any other status other than the status they have registered under, the member will lose their Carolina Friends memberships permanently.

By completing this form you are requesting membership in Carolina Friends and to be added to our Club Membership Roster and receive weekly club updates via email. You may opt out of receiving mailings at any time by sending us an email to All information you provide will remain STRICTLY confidential. This information will not be shared in any way.

By completing and submitting this form, you hereby seek membership in Carolina Friends. We (I) agree that we are seeking membership for personal reasons only. If membership is granted, we (I) agree to the following: To protect the privacy of all club members and the club as a whole. To never divulge the location of our events or our Carolina Friends password to anyone. To act responsibly and with respect when communicating and interacting with other club members as membership in any group implies a common purpose and goal that all members support. We (I) further agree to pay to the club the sum of $10,000,000.00 for the right to provide information about the club, club members, club operators and/or the club’s hotels and/or night clubs to any media organization or religious organization and/or to any individual representative of such groups.

Carolina Friends (  herein referred to as CF is a private club open to members only. Membership is available to adults, 21 years or older. You may encounter explicit language and adult content on the Carolina Friends site. If you prefer not to view this type of content, please do not enter the Carolina Friends site. Before applying for membership in CF you must agree to all terms and conditions for membership and agree that language of an adult or controversial nature does not and will not offend you.

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