Greensboro Hotel Takeovers

Our Greensboro Partial/ Full Hotel Takeovers are held on selected Saturday evenings in Greensboro NC at a recently renovated, first class Hotel.

Reservations may be made online anytime. If you need help, please call the club reservation help line .

Attendance is limited to members only! We typically have 60 to 80 or more couples at every party… an attractive and friendly crowd!

It’s a partial Hotel Takeover! We have exclusive use of the hotel bar & lounge, our Hospitality Suite and over night guest rooms …providing COMPLETE privacy after 9 PM! Before 9 PM, we have private use of the Hotel Banquet Room and our portion of the sleeping room area.

Great music, beautiful private hotel night club, terrific folks and a no pressure atmosphere all help make our parties the place to meet couples and/or enjoy an exciting evening or weekend out with your significant other. The evening dance starts at 9:00 PM in the Hotel Lounge and ends at 2:00 AM; Our Meet & Greet begins at 7 PM in the Hotel Banquet Room …a great way to start the evening early! There’s no additional cost for the Meet & Greet.  Club Registration will open from 7 to 9 PM in the Banquet Room and outside the Hotel Lounge from 9 PM.

Proper attire (non party attire) is required in the public portions of the hotel, including the lobby, at all times!

After 9 PM, entry to the party is via the rear Hotel Pool / Atrium Entrance only!

The Greensboro hotel parties are BYOB with mixers and sodas provided. Couples and single ladies seeking an upbeat, open minded atmosphere or who want to meet other couples interested in friendship, fun and the opportunity to explore fantasies are welcome to join us.

Scheduled Activities

The activities and schedule at our Greensboro Hotel Socials varies at times. Please see the individual party page for each event’s details. Here’s what we typically have…

  • Club Registration – Banquet Room – 7:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Meet & Greet  - Banquet Room - 7:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Club Registration – Outside Hotel Lounge – 9:00 PM till…
  • The Dance – Hotel Lounge – 9:00 PM till 2 AM
  • Great Music … Professional DJ
  • Private Late Night Party Suites
  • Upbeat, no pressure atmosphere
  • Orientation provided for newcomers

The Main Event – Our Private Night Club Dance

We have exclusive use of the new hotel night club. Music is provided by a professional DJ who does a great job of keeping folks up on their feet dancing all night long. The music is a mix, our DJ has just about anything you would like to hear. The emphasis is on good, upbeat dance music, with enough slow songs to help couples connect!

  • The nightclub is setup with tables that allow for easy conversation.
  • The party is BYOB with mixers and sodas provided!
  • Private Restrooms are conveniently located right outside the night club area. Sleeping rooms are only a few steps away …right across the atrium! Both they, the Atrium and the hallways to them are completely private after 9PM!

Late Night Hospitality Suite

At Midnight on Saturday night, we open our private late night party suites which are located in the sleeping room area of the hotel we’re using. The late night party suites serve as a socializing focal point for all those folks that stay up late, and we keep it open until the last couple crashes. We play by the same rules as always. The late night party suites are a great place to stay up late, socialize, and make new friends!

Hotel Information

The hotels where the parties are held are fully aware of the nature of our group, and we have an excellent working relationship with them. Both the Carolina Friends and the hotel provide security, creating a safe and secure environment. Our hotels do not answer any questions about our club. While hotel management is fully aware of the nature of our group, all of their employees may not be. Help protect the groups’ privacy…do NOT discuss our group or our lifestyle with hotel employees at any time! Proper attire is required in the hotel lobby at all times.

Hotel Address

Address and directions to club events can be provided only to those on the club membership roster as we operate as a private club and only those on the club roster may be admitted unless attending with a sponsoring member couple. Sign up Free now!