Questions and Answers

We try to answer email and return phone calls as quickly as we can…. and enjoy doing so! So in an effort to provide you with the fastest way to get the answers to your questions, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Carolina Friends

How can I join?

  • Sign up FREE or become a paid Member via the Membership link on the menu bar on this page.
  • You may also simply email your full name and mailing address to us and become a Free Member of the club.

What’s Required to join?

  • A completed membership application including your full name (s) and a valid mailing address must be completed.
    While we require full names and addresses from new members, we protect your privacy as if it were our own!
  • For a paid membership, you must also complete the payment information form.
  • A valid Picture ID or Driver’s License and completion of our agreement forms will be required when you attend your first event.

Where can I find directions to club events?

Directions to Club Events are provided only to club members on the Club Membership Roster. Directions are NOT located on the public portion of our site as our events are open to members only! Using the member password you were provided when you joined Carolina Friends, log on as members to view all member only information on this web site including the directions to club events. If you are just joining Carolina Friends, your password to the Members Area will be emailed to you. Become a Carolina Friends Member Now… it’s FREE!

What are the costs & details of membership?

Free Memberships are available! Cost and Details of Paid Membership can be found on on the Membership Options page of our web site. Follow the Membership link to find a complete outline of all membership options and the costs for the paid options.

Do we need to be a member to attend events?

YES, you must be a member to attend events. We are able to legally have our events because we qualify as a Private Club. Which, of course, we are! One factor in qualifying for Private Club status is having a membership requirement. You can sign up FREE for your membership today!

Where can I find event/party details?

Event/Party Details can be found via the Event Information and Upcoming Parties links on the menu bar and by clicking on the individual party graphics located at the bottom of the home page. When logged in as members, you will also find more details on the next club event in the Latest Club Email under the Members tab on the menu bar.

Are events open to single gentlemen?

We admit a limited number of single gentlemen at our events.  An advance reservation is recommended if not attending with a member couple..

Is it really a NO pressure atmosphere?

Yes, 100% no pressure! We provide a fun, upbeat, atmosphere where you can mix and mingle with others or not as you wish. Spend an exciting evening out with your spouse; enjoy the comfortable atmosphere; dance into the wee hours, meet and explore opportunities with new friends and party into the wee hours … the options are all yours and only yours to make! We only ask and expect that you respect the privacy and same rights of the others you meet.

What are the costs of events?

Cost of our events can be found via the Event Pricing link on the main menu bar. Just choose the event venue in question and follow that link for complete details. Door fees only (also known as the “party only” price) and Hotel Room and Party Prices (also known as the “room & party” price) are provided for every level of club Membership. Door fees do vary by event and by your level of membership.

What time do we need to arrive for events?

We suggest arriving earlier rather than later … you’ll get a better seat and be able to explore a bit easier.  New Couples are encouraged to arrive before 10:00 pm. First time attendees are not admitted after 11pm at our hotel based events unless you request special permission to do so … if you need such permission, just let us know!

Will we be given an Orientation?

We always try to provide a brief Orientation at all club events. Orientation is an opportunity to outline the rules we play by, answer your questions and address some of the social etiquette questions that often pop up.  If you want to sit in again at any Orientation, you are welcome to do so. Our Orientation Hosts will always be happy to answer your questions and show you around as well.

What do we need to bring with us to an event?

You will need photo IDs as it is your first visit. Any personal items you may require should be brought as well. Please review each venue’s detailed information concerning the purchase and/or consumption of brought beer, wine and/or alcohol as the rules vary by location.

About the Lifestyle

What is swinging and who are swingers?

Swinging is a slang word in English which was originally used as an adjective (swinging parties, etc) but now regarded as an activity where there is sexual intercourse between two consenting adults for recreational, social or simply fun purposes. The people involved in this type sexual activity are usually married or engaged or friends who are looking for further stimulus or excitement while engaging in sexual intercourse with someone else. Swinging is not sex between people of similar sex and swingers can come from any social class, race, community and religion.

What are the different types of swingers?

There can be several types of swingers: Couples Swingers as well as single men and single women swingers. There’s also soft swinging (touching, sometimes oral, and petting, but no intercourse) and full swap (intercourse with other people besides your partner), as well as common terms like same room/different room.

Who started swinging?

It is believed that swinging started in the 1950′s among the wealthy section of people in America, who learned it from the army corps of pilots and soldiers who used to be absent from their wives and family for long periods of time during Second World War. It is believed that their comrades-in-arms started to look after their wives during the husband’s absence both emotionally and physically. This is how swinging started. In the 1960′s the first swingers organization called “Sexual Freedom League” started in Berkeley California.

What is meant by a swinger lifestyle?

The swingers lifestyle can be simple and uncomplicated where there is no place for remorse for lost love, pain of infidelity or grief over a failed relationship. Swingers give and receive sexual pleasure which gains strength from the open and frank communication which they have with their existing partners. Depending on the type of sexual activity preferred by the swinger, there are 3 common types of swingers lifestyles: soft, open and closed.

What are the immediate benefits of swinging?

Among the many benefits which can be accrued from a swinging lifestyle, the few most immediate are: An instant opportunity to discover ones own sexuality as well as sensuality. Discover ones own as well as spouses potential in terms of sexual prowess. Becoming aware of the many techniques and avenues to derive maximum pleasure out of a sexual intercourse. Many couples who participate in the swinger lifestyle say that it has improved their relationship through more open communication and trust.

Isn’t swinging like having an open extra marital affair?

No, it is not. Firstly, swinging is not about breaking a marriage or a steady relationship. Secondly swinging is based on complete trust and confidence, which is shared between a husband and wife or between sincere couples. While an extra marital affair hinges on infidelity and cheating behind a partners back, swinging is based on mutual consent and trust. Swinging is not intended to either repair a failed relationship or break a steady and trusted relationship. Swinging is undertaken after realizing each others sexual needs and desires and only after the concept has been mutually agreed between two consenting adults. Confidence and trust in each other are prime requisites in swinging, which is not the case with secret extra marital affairs.

How can one meet another willing swinger?

At Carolina Friends Events and Parties of course! Online dating, personal ads in news papers or exclusive swinging magazines and joining swingers clubs are convenient ways of meeting other potential and willing swingers. There are parties and events which are organized by other swingers at hotel ball rooms, at their homes, etc where you can meet other swinging couples.