Club Goals & History

Carolina Friends was started in 1991 by eight Charlotte area couples just like you. We had an interest in the lifestyle, wanted to make new friends and enjoy a fun night with our privacy kept intact. The club was not and is not a money-making entity…just a sincere effort to support the lifestyle community with events and more that allow folks with shared interests to connect.

Initially we held hotel based events once a month… with just over 30 couples attending our very first event. We were fortunate to have the use of a hotel at that time that provided almost complete privacy, which proved to be very popular. We soon grew to the point where we could book an entire hotel for our events and the club even more. We soon out grew the smaller hotel in use and found another hotel that was willing to be booked exclusively… a larger venue where we could still provide complete privacy! By this time our events had grown to an average of 150 to 200 couples each month. Remaining true to our original intent, we continued to strive to put on the very best parties at the very best price while providing the privacy we all desired.

In 1997, we were offered the exclusive use of a local night club for once a month Saturday evening parties. These monthly night club events were held in addition to the monthly hotel takeovers we were still holding at the time and proved to be just as popular with our hotel attendance holding at 175 couples or more on average and another 100 couples or so attending our night club event each month.

It wasn’t long till our monthly night club parties were held every weekend except the weekend of our hotel event. And in 1999 we held our first hotel events outside the Charlotte area with events held over the years in Columbia, Greenville, Raleigh, Winston Salem, Myrtle Beach, Augusta and Greensboro …where we still hold events today!

While the club continued to grow, the number of hotels available to us grew less and less. This was caused in part by the natural aging and closing of hotel properties that provided what we required… a proper sized ballroom, reasonable room rates and an ability to take the hotel over to have complete privacy. It was also caused by the fact that no one was building new hotels that met those same criteria. Large convention hotels and no frills by the highway hotels became the norm and we saw our ability to keep our monthly private hotel events become more and more uncertain.

In 1999 we began the effort to survive the hotel problems we foresaw and in 2000 began work on our own facility in Charlotte, which we call The Estate. As we were also outgrowing the night club we were using, The Estate was originally envisioned as way to have even better night club parties on a weekly basis in addition to the hotel events we planned to continue once a month.

We opened The Estate a few weeks before 9/11, the economy took a hit, the hotel we were using once a month was lost to us and felt fortunate to have our own place to call home. So Carolina Friends continued to grow amid those uncertain times and our members deemed The Estate a success!

But we continued to strive to protect our members’ investment in the club and our desire to see the lifestyle community have a gathering place both online and in person. We launched our first online site, Friends United during this same time period… and it eventually grew and was remade into Club Nexxus in 2008 by our current Webmaster, a great full-featured site we can all be proud of! (In 2013 we spun off Club Nexxus as a separate entity in order to make further enhancements. You now sign up for FREE Club Nexxus at Your Nexxus membership will automatically be honored at all Carolina Friends events.)  We also continued to strive to find appropriate hotels for private hotel events and to make improvements to The Estate. Efforts that were and are successful! We found a local hotel to host larger convention style events a few times a year and the improvements at The Estate allowed the club to continue to grow.

In August of 2010 we added our 40,000th couple to the club roster! Our annual couples conventions in Charlotte regularly saw 400 plus couples, our events in Greensboro were welcomed by the local community and Club Nexxus became an increasingly fun way to meet other couples and singles. In the summer of 2012, we lost the use of the facility we called The Estate falling victim to a bogus complaint by a alleged member and spineless politicians who chose to harass us rather than stand by the occupancy they had granted us over ten years earlier. Thinking first of the privacy of our members, we chose to put privacy first and start seeking a new home leaving many fond memories, lot’s of sweat equity and a considerable investment behind.

Fortunately, virtually all club member supported us during and since that time. We held a series of alternate events in friendly private venues in the Charlotte area and we will always be grateful for the hospitality of these fine establishments. We continue to hold monthly events in Greensboro at this time.

While the challenges of establishing a permanent new home is real and difficulties in dealing with hotels will always be with us, we have no doubt that the lifestyle community and Carolina Friends will continue for a long time to come. We have always believed in pulling the community together as when we are working together we can do incredible things …like pulling together to rise again when times are the toughest, once again opening our very own facility and providing a first class online experience that you can use free!

By being inclusive and holding true to the original values and ideals that were at the heart of the club from the very beginning we continue to grow and improve still. Opportunities for friendship, privacy and a fun night out at the best prices possible still guide us to this day. And it is our Members support that makes it all possible.

We welcome all those with an interest in the lifestyle. You’ll find friendly couples, privacy and fun times in great facilities with Carolina Friends. And just as important, you will become part of the community and help guide the club as we look to the future. After all, it’s Your Club!