Greensboro Naughty School Girls
Partial Hotel Takeover



All Hotel Rooms In Our Private Portion Of The Hotel Are Non Smoking Rooms. Smoking Rooms Are Available In Adjacent Public Areas Of The Hotel. Proper Attire Required in Hotel Lobby and Public Portion of Hotel at All Times. Please See Other Hotel Requirements Below.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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Greensboro Party! Partial Hotel Takeover!

Enjoy complete privacy in the non smoking hotel Night Club, our Hospitality Suite and overnight guest rooms which are located in a secluded section of the hotel. All Hotel Rooms in our Private Portion of the Hotel are Non Smoking Rooms. Smoking Rooms are available in adjacent Public areas of the hotel. Our portion of the hotel is NOT entirely private until 9 PM; the Meet & Greet area and club’s sleeping room area is private before 9 PM. Please see the special hotel / club requirements shown below that we have in place to ensure our events remain private and your privacy is protected.

Great music from live DJ, hot dancing and you… all the usual fun and a party you won’t want to miss! Meet new friends or enjoy some time with old ones. Stay up late and enjoy our Late Night Hospitality Suite  where the party will continue till everyone crashes!

Always BYOB at the hotel so you can save $$$$.

Enjoy this great hotel with inside hotel rooms …and a great evening out with friends new and old!

Start your evening off early with our Meet & Greet from 7 to 9 PM. Enjoy FREE  Shots or other refreshments from sponsoring club members and make some new friends! Club registration opens at 7 PM in the Banquet Room which is across the hall from the Hotel Lounge and can also be accessed from the sleeping room hallway. There is no additional cost to join us for the Meet & Greet! Club registration is located in the Meet & Greet Banquet Room between 7 and 9 PM (moving near the Atrium / Hotel Lounge entry area after 9 PM).

At 9 PM we curtain off the entry area to our portion of the hotel providing us with complete privacy in the Hotel  Lounge and the adjacent Atrium area as well as the Meet & Greet Banquet Room and our portion of the sleeping rooms. Music by our DJ will be found in the Hotel Lounge.

Dress to Impress & Sexy Attire always welcome! Baggy pants, sweat pants and gym attire are NOT permitted. We are an upscale club, please help us keep it that way by dressing accordingly. We reserve the right to refuse anyone from entering the club based on overall appearance and demeanor.

Proper Attire is always required in Hotel Lobby and public portion of Hotel at all times. To help ensure the privacy of our group and not offend anyone else staying at the hotel, please be certain to follow these guidelines at all times:

1. If you arrive for the party after 9 PM, you MUST use the Pool/ Atrium Entrance to the Hotel. Do NOT use the hotel lobby entrance. You will find the Pool/ Atrium Entrance on the back right hand side of the hotel (if looking at the front of the hotel).  This allows us to avoid running into other guests in the lobby and public portion of the hotel.
2. If you arrive for the party before 9 PM, you may use the Hotel Lobby Entrance provided your attire (non party attire) and behavior are appropriate for a public area. This will help us from attracting any unwanted attention to our members and party.
3. Sleeping Room Curtains to Atrium / Pool area MUST be kept closed before 9 PM. The Atrium / Pool area is NOT private until 9 PM.
4. Sleeping Room Curtains to the parking lot MUST be kept closed at all times.
5. Our portion of the hotel is not private until 9 PM and we need to be aware of other guests who may be on our “side” until then.
6. Any issues or concerns you have MUST be brought to the attention of the  club / hotel staff. Do NOT address any such issues with other guests or members.

These simple rules will allow us to continue to enjoy a great relationship with this hotel and protect your privacy. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us right away!

All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

Hotel rooms are available for those interested and advance reservations are recommended. Neither a hotel room nor reservation is required to attend the party. If you want a hotel room, please log in and use the Booking Button that will appear above or contact our reservation service. Please log in or sign up now for location and reservation information. You can sign up free!

Please email us for more information on making reservations. If you decide you want a room during the night there may be
rooms available at the party as well.